Spray Tanning

The sunless scope starts with the world’s top celebrities, including athletes, VIP personnel, friends, family and neighbors. The sunless revolution has begun and in the past few years it has turned itself into a thriving, billion dollar industry. Since its introduction to the market in the early 1960’s, sunless products have evolved drastically. We create a "just of the beach" color while transforming the notions of "orange" and "odd" into "natural" and "hip".

We are Master Certified from the best in the business on every aspect of the sunless market, from technique to skin typing, and preparation and maintenance. We want our clients to feel and look their very best and a spray tan by Solar Connection will help you meet both of those goals. We are committed to making sure your sunless tan is so natural looking your friends will not believe you when you tell them it's a spray tan.

To schedule a custom spray tan session, please call 270-535-4879 as they are done by appointment only.

Single Spray Tan Session $30.00

Package of 3 $75.00

Package of 5 $110.00

Package of 10 $200.00

Unlimited Month to Month $65.00*

Unlimited 1 year commitment $55.00*

*Add Quick Shower for $5 per session

Single Spray Tan Session - Quick Shower $40.00

pH Prep Spray $5.00 (applied before your spray tan session) It balances pH of the skin to ensure even application, boosts development of tan for deeper darker results that last longer.

Moisturizer $5.00 (applied after spray tan session) It rehydrates and firms skin and seals in your UV-Free tan.

Odor neutralizer $5.00

Drying powder $5.00

Heat Feet $1.00

Disposable Under Garments $1.00

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